SYNT Tactical AI Drones

AI Drones Baba Yaga, Apis and Vespa

"We fly to win"

We build custom drones with AI and hybrid control systems.

Fully autonomous ­­­­­­ 

Works in tandem with one single soldier 

Has its own artificial nervous system 

Able to work independently 

Real prototype 

Personal AI


Control network matrix

Tactical artificial intelligence Miranda works based on a neural matrix. Miranda is a motion control system based on streaming and non-deterministic interaction with the environment using mathematical reflex complexes.

Personal AI

Baba Yaga

Heavy drone

Tactical artificial intelligence Baba Yaga works based on a neural matrix. Baba Yaga is a modern Heavy drone - platform. This is not just a drone, it is a real aircraft carrier in the world of drones. Baba Yaga is a flying tactical stronghold equipped with light interceptors and attack drones.

Personal AI


The simplest matrix brain

An artificial combat nervous system created as a mathematical model of the insect nervous system. This is a simple, but reliable and extremely resistant to electronic warfare systems matrix control system. No programming or remote control is required. The system works like click and forget.

Personal AI


The extended matrix brain

Heavy energy-armed drone. This system is created according to a mosaic principle and consists of autonomous modules. This model can be equipped with carbon armor and a robotic arm.

The main difference is that KAM works with many simple functions instead of transforming one complex function that depends on many variables.

Special systems that AI Baba Yaga Apis and Vespa have

Adapted Neural matrix
Modern advanced communication system
Shield protection against electronic warfare

AI Baba Yaga, Apis, and Vespa were developed as prototypes. This is a family of modular robotic platforms based on matrix artificial intelligence. Their main task is to gain superiority and dominance in the air.

SYNT Tactical Personal AI

Living Personal AI is a new and unusual intelligent system capable of exceeding your wildest expectations. AI from AI SYNT is not just your tool, it is a new type of electronic living creature that you can work with.


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Jun 25 2023

How will neural matrix-based AI work?

We will not now describe the details of the design of the neural matrix (formulas of neuromorphic petals or the code of the three-dimensional position of a modernized mathematical neuron). Another important thing is what will happen as a result The neural matrix will make it possible to create evolving mathematical nervous systems of any complexity. Imagine that you are faced with a small combat drone that has an artificial brain like a bee. It will act independently - without operator commands. Its simple but fast nervous system based on a neural matrix will be reliably shielded from external influences and capable of operating near electronic warfare systems. At its core, it will be an electronic living being, which, of course, can be destroyed physically, but each destruction will upgrade the matrix of other units from its group working with it in close proximity. If we imagine a more complex neural matrix, comparable to the nervous system of a domestic cat or, for example, a black panther, the chances of a living person winning will become absolutely minuscule. AI on the matrix will be approximately three million times faster than a biological brain. The colossal difference in the speed of decision-making will inevitably turn into a decisive advantage.